The Synyster Gates School is back!

Good news, Synners! The Synyster Gates School has re-opened! Synyster Gates wrote the following message on his social media:

I’m really excited to announce that after too many long hours, the school is back up and running! I can’t thank the team enough for all of the hard work, this was no small task by any stretch of the imagination. If you haven’t checked The SGS out, visit to join a beautiful community of thousands of amazing teachers and students all lending their amazing talents to one another for the greater good. This is a free school with close to 200 videos ranging from picking up the guitar for the first time, to highly advanced technique and theory. Can’t wait to hang out with you!

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Synyster Gates hangs and jams with Hector Trejo

Avenged Sevenfold fan Hector Trejo got to hang and jam with Synyster Gates as well on August 11th. He and his friends drove up to Costa Mesa Recording Studios and met up with Syn for a jam session.

Hector and his friends recorded the whole thing and shared it on YouTube. Check it out below!

Thank you, Hector, for sharing this with everyone! You are one bad ass guitar player!!

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