Important Update about

Hello Synners,

We feel that it’s important Syn Gates School users get an update from us on a recent site security situation. We have an investigation underway and do not have the answer to every question.

Upon recent routine server maintenance, we’ learned that a hacker accessed in May 2018. As soon as we learned of the attack, we took down the site, shut down all access and launched an investigation as well as hiring a cybersecurity audit from a 3rd party. As of yet, we don’t know exactly what information and in what format the hacker could have taken.

We strongly recommend anyone who has an account on change their passwords on other sites. While common, it is bad practice to re-use the same password/email combo on multiple websites. Please change your passwords and please do not re-use the same password.

We also recommend that you check for your email address here. Lastly, we suggest using a password manager like 1 Password or LastPass.

Once we are satisfied that the SGS is secure again, we’ll bring the site back up to normal (should be very soon).

Until then, we apologize to all of you affected by this attack. We’’re disappointed that this happened and are committed to doing everything we can to make certain it never happens again.

NOTE: This notice is for, our guitar school. The SGS Store is unaffected and safe.

Shared via the newsletter on August 16, 2018

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New Family Photo + Video!

Synyster Gates’ wife, Michelle Haner, changed her instagram profile picture to this adorable family shot.

The photo was taken during a family trip to Reykjavik, Iceland in June 2018. Below is some video footage which was taken by both Synyster Gates and his wife and shared (earlier) on their instagram accounts.

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Synyster Gates spends his day off with family

Synyster Gates is back home for a little break before heading back on the road for “The End of The World Tour” later this month. He spent his first day with family and shared some videos in his instagram stories.

One lucky fan, Destiny, was also at Forbidden City to see Papa Gates and McKenna Haner play. She also got to meet Synyster Gates and took some photos with him.

Please visit her instagram for her story and a few more photos with the Haner family!

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